Monday, September 30, 2013

Sprachferien Englisch - The Spectrum

 Is hard not to follow your dreams, i always said it. Life is short, let's not stay and wait for nothing or something. It's absurd and it's hard not to do something. A good example in life is when you want to decide where to go, and no one is helping you to make a decision. So hard and so impossible to make it alone. As a student, i think that your own obligations are so easy to choose. All you need to do i think is to setup your own priorities in life. During highschool, you have time for that, and there you create the buds of what you will become. 

It's short and most of the times, you will not have time to understand why, when you need to make the best decision in your life, therefor a guardian can give you a very good advice where to go, what to do in life. It's so simple, but so complicated when you are alone, and not initiated. 
I stand now and see my last 2-3 years from highschool. What an experience and what a great time. I have had positive experiences but also negative ones. I loved it. Recently ten years passed since i graduate. Times passes, so fast, that you really don't understand sometimes what is the purpose of your being. I have this. I wish we could live longer, or ageing process slower. I see my parents, grandparents how they get older day by day, and it's sad. We can't do anything to stop the transition
irreversible to time. It's hard when you are without power, but you see everything around you passing by slow motion. Is it life fair or .... 
Let's get back to our business. After the wonderful times and years from highschool, i picked up my choice - Sprachferien Englisch. One of the best choice that i could do in my life. Sprachferien Englisch its a great University supported by great people everywhere in the world. Located in Spain, Barcelona, you can find here everything all the things you ever dreamed. High quality services, great campuses, teachers and great results.